Province of St. Albert the Great, USA

Dominicans Preach

the Good News of Jesus Christ

Dominicans Preach

on Campus

Dominicans Preach

as we teach the Young

Dominicans Preach

through our Life in Common

Dominicans Preach

Justice for the Marginalized

Dominicans Preach

by Sharing our Contemplation

Dominicans Preach

through the Written Word

Dominicans Preach

where others may not go

We are members of the Order of Preachers, an 800-year-old religious order in the Roman Catholic Church. We preach throughout the central region of the United States, from the Dakotas to Michigan, down to Colorado and New Mexico.

At a Glance

800 years of tradition
renewed each day

Today's Word of Hope

Every day, during this coronavirus pandemic, the Chicago Dominicans offer a Word of Hope video to bolster our faith through these trying times. See the entire series here as it unfolds.


New and Noteworthy

  • Ministry in Madison: Alive and Thriving

    Fr. Patrick Norris, OP, and Br. Terrence Bullock, OP, are recognized in the Catholic Herald for their commitment to ministry and the "New Evangelization" as friars in the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin.

Current Preaching from Around the Province

Resources from the Province

  • New Priory Press

    Publishing works that foster the Dominican intellectual heritage and provide serious scholarship in accessible form.

  • Friarly

    A website about all things friarly, crafted jointly by the students of our province and the Southern province.