Province of St. Albert the Great, USA


Brothers in St. Louis, Missouri, washing dishes

Dominicans live together in community, in what are often called "priories." Our Order's communal life calls friars to live Christian love more full—encouraging prayer, contemplation, and study, not in isolation, but together. Our life provides an example of the universal reconciliation in Christ that we preach (see the Constitution of the Order 2§2), enabling us to go out and preach the Gospel with compassion, understanding, and integrity. 

Our commitment to communal life inspires us to become better people, and thus more authentic preachers. Every Dominican is challenged to accept and embrace one another as members of the same body, different in talent and responsibilities, but equal in the bond of charity and profession (Constitution of the Order 4§1). Dominican communities thus live, pray, and study together, pursuing different ministries, all in a common effort to preach the word of God effectively to those they meet.