Province of St. Albert the Great, USA
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Fr. Scott Steinkerchner, OP

Fr. Scott is the Promoter of Media for the Province, and is an author and professor, specializing in systematic theology and interreligious dialogue.


17 Apr • Finding your part

Though his role was to feed the widows and orphans, Philip left Jerusalem to avoid persecution and preached Christ to great effect in a town in Samaria. We all have official roles in our communities, but we have to discern to find what our real role is in helping to unfold the Kingdom of God.

16 Apr • Reunited with your enemies

St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, looked up to heaven as he was being stoned to death and asked Jesus not to hold this sin against his executioners. If we hate our enemies or want them to be punished, then Stephen has a lesson for us, that we should instead look forward to reuniting with them in heaven some day.

7 Apr • Doubting Thomas

Why did Thomas Doubt? Perhaps because his brothers did not speak conviction, with lives that were changed because of the Resurrection. We are called to preach of the Resurrection with the conviction of changed lives that manifest its importance.

6 Apr • Speaking boldly

After the Resurrection, Sts. Peter and John were hauled before the Sanhedrin because they were speaking boldly about Jesus. Would that we have the same courage to speak about what we have seen, or to ask those who seem to have experienced what we wish to experience.