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Preaching Videos

  • Corpus Christi

    Fr. Donald Goergen, OP breaks open the readings for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ, explaining how the Holy Spirit transforms the bread and wine on the altar into the body and blood of Christ, in order to transform us, as we receive it, so that we can leave Mass being more Christ-like than when we came.
  • A Word of Hope for June 6, 2023

    Fr. Don Goergen, OP, in his last Word of Hope before he takes a sabbatical, pulls at some of the tangled connections between faith and politics. We need to make political decisions based on our faith, but should not allow the Church to dictate political decisions. Complicated? Yes, but important to ponder.
  • A Word of Hope for June 4, 2024

    For Trinity Sunday, Fr. Scott Steinkerchner, OP sits down with his mother, Arlene, to explain how parents are a good image of the Trinity—we don't have to understand them, we simply thrive living in the love that they provide.
  • A Word of Hope for June 3, 2023

    Br. Joe Trout, OP recalls how the authorities of Jesus' day sought to trip him up by asking him trick questions, and how Jesus refused to play their games. In the same way, we should not feel a need to respond to people who are just looking for a fight.
  • The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

    Fr. Brendan Curran, OP breaks open the readings for this Solemnity, showing how the readings don't explain the Trinity so much as they point to a way to live out our faith in a God who is One in Three, Three in One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • A Word of Hope for June 2, 2023

    Br. Joe Trout, OP unpacks the complex story of Jesus cursing the fig tree, wrapped around the cleansing of the Temple, with a note about prayer at the end. Confused? You won't be after today's episode of A Word of Hope: https://www.opcentral.org/hope
  • A Word of Hope for June 1, 2023

    Fr. Scott Steinkerchner, OP shares a reading from Sirach about the beauty and wisdom of God's creation, and relates this vision of the world to that of evolution, suggesting that the more beautiful picture is when these come together.