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Br. Joseph Trout, OP

Br. Joe is the head of the Theology department at Fenwick High School.

Recent Videos by Br. Joseph Trout, OP

  • A Word of Hope for June 3, 2023

    Br. Joe Trout, OP recalls how the authorities of Jesus' day sought to trip him up by asking him trick questions, and how Jesus refused to play their games. In the same way, we should not feel a need to respond to people who are just looking for a fight.
  • A Word of Hope for June 2, 2023

    Br. Joe Trout, OP unpacks the complex story of Jesus cursing the fig tree, wrapped around the cleansing of the Temple, with a note about prayer at the end. Confused? You won't be after today's episode of A Word of Hope: https://www.opcentral.org/hope
  • The Fourth Sunday of Easter

    Br. Joe Trout, OP breaks open the readings for Good Shepherd Sunday, explaining how God protects us and frees us from sin so that we can join in the salvific work of God and have life more abundantly. Also, we enter into this state through Jesus, who is the gate, though the Sacraments.
  • A Word of Hope for April 7, 2023

    Br. Joe Trout, OP ponders the meaning of not celebrating the Eucharist on Good Friday, a day in which the Church "pauses" from celebrating this sacrament so that we can ponder better the sacrifice that made it possible.