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Fr. Charles Bouchard, OP

Fr. Charles Bouchard, OP, S.T.D., is senior director, theology and sponsorship at the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA). He counsels and assists sponsors and members of Catholic healthcare organizations in carrying out their canonical responsibilities for the health ministry of the Catholic Church and provides guidance for CEOs and boards regarding the distinctive roles of sponsorship and governance. He also works with Church leaders and bishops at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and at the Holy See on a range of issues involving health care, social justice, public policy and the Church.


14 Apr • The wounds of Christ

The resurrected Jesus appears to the disciples and eats with them and still has the wounds in his hands and in his side. This is no "spiritual" resurrection, but bodily resurrection in which we can unite our our own bodily suffering with his, and be in solidarity with all those who suffer.

Palm Sunday

Fr. Charlie Bouchard, OP breaks open the readings for this Palm Sunday, noticing how embodied all of the readings are. Jesus gave his body for our salvation. Can we give our bodies, just as they are, for the salvation and faith of others?

19 Mar • How to have a happy death

On this Feast of St. Joseph, we remember him as the patron saint of happy deaths, since he died presumably with Mary and Jesus at his side. Some planning ahead and conversing with loved ones can make your dying moments more likely to go better.

18 Mar • Courage and mercy

Today's readings are full of sin, but in the first, courage and wisdom are shown to be more powerful than sin, and in the Gospel, mercy is stronger than sin. So we acknowledge sin in the world, but also that it is not the whole picture.