Province of St. Albert the Great, USA


18 Mar • Courage and mercy

Today's readings are full of sin, but in the first, courage and wisdom are shown to be more powerful than sin, and in the Gospel, mercy is stronger than sin. So we acknowledge sin in the world, but also that it is not the whole picture.

23 Feb • Develop your virtue

The readings today talk about developing virtue, the inclination to choose to do what is good. Virtue is skill that is developed, and Lent is perfect time to work on it. What virtue would you like to work on this Lent?

The Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Fr. Charles Bouchard, OP breaks open the readings for the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time—the healing of lepers, noting that Jesus healed not just people's physical ailments, but their spiritual ailments as well, and anything that isolated them from other people. May we also work to reach out to people who are isolated, bringing them back in communion with others, so that we all might be a part of the Kingdom of God.

5 Jan • Come and See

When his future disciples doubted who Jesus was, he challenged them to "Come and See." May we open our own eyes to see the people we encounter in the light of truth rather than the light of prejudice.

The Solemnity of the Holy Family

Fr. Charles Bouchard, OP breaks open the readings for the Solemnity of the Holy Family, pointing out that the Holy Family did not exist simply for itself, but for also showing God's presence incarnate in the world. May our families give witness to how, in some way, their imperfections can be made perfect through the grace of God.

8 Dec •The big impact of tiny things

On this Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we ponder the conception of Mary, the Mother of God, an event that was so tiny it could not have been seen or apprehended when it happened, and yet haad enormous consequences for the world, and we open our eyes to try to apprehend the many ways God still works marvels in our world through tiny events.

7 Dec • Watching our words

On this Memorial of St. Ambrose, whose words were as sweet as honey, we are challenged to look at our own use of words. Do they reflect the Word Incarnate? Can we speak more clearly and charitably to others, so that our words have a greater positive effect?

21 Sept • Miserando atque eligendo

Jesus had mercy for Matthew the tax collector, and so called Matthew to follow him. God has extended that same mercy to us, and so we are called to go out and extend it to others, showing them mercy and calling them to something better.