Province of St. Albert the Great, USA
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Fr. James Marchionda, OP

Fr. James Marchionda, OP is a musician, composer, and itinerant preacher. 


22 May • Accept the gifts of others

When it was reported that people who were not his disciples were driving out demons in his name, Jesus did not try to stop them, or get them to join his group, but told his disciples "whoever is not against us is for us." Can we acknowledge gifts of others for ministry without needing them to conform to our own theological views or become members of our own church?

21 May • Boast only in the Lord

The Letter of James asks where the wars and conflicts among us come from, and then the Gospel describes an argument the disciples had about who was the greatest among them. To follow Jesus we need to serve one another in a spirit of true humility.

23 Apr • Forced out

The persecution of the early community forced it to spread out and to preach the Good News not only to Jews, but to Greeks as well, and great numbers became Christians. In the same way, our lives need to expand the witnessing of the Good News so that it reaches everyone.

26 Mar • By God's power

The prophet Isaiah tried and thought he failed, but then was promised that by God's hand he would become a light to the nations. God can use each of us in this task, not because of our greatness, but because of God's.