Province of St. Albert the Great, USA


26 Jan • Time to be apostolic

Saints Timothy and Titus accompanied Paul on his mission to the gentiles, translating their hebraic faith to make it understandable in a greek culture. As our culture moves away from its Christian mooring, we need to learn to translate our own faith to make understandable to those around us, as did Timothy and Titus.

1 Jan • Mary, the Mother of God

On the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God ("Theotokos" in Greek), we ponder how closely that connected her with God, and then, remembering that we are also God's children by adoption, we are invited to acknowledge our own closeness to God.

6 Dec • Hear and speak the Word

As Jesus cured the deaf and the mute, at baptism we pray the "ephratah", blessing the ears that they might receive the Word of God and the mouth that is might proclaim it. After baptism, we never lose this intimate connection to God.

5 Dec • Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Isaiah prophesies a time when the Spirit of the Lord will come upon the world and bring a peace so profound that "the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb." This Advent, we are challenged to open ourselves to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

8 Nov • Mercy in the midst of trials

Jesus challenges his disciples not to look back, but to keep going whatever comes. To be Christian, we must find mercy and love in our hearts in the midst of trials, even if no one else respects that, for love and mercy is our call and our ultimate gift to the world.

7 Nov • Why try?

St. Paul encourages us to "hold on to what is good," but sometimes, we get discouraged and don't know why we should even try. J.R. Tolkien gives voice to a reason.

16 Sept • Trust in God's love

Jesus asks, “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ but not do what I command?" One reason is because we do not trust that God loves us. If you are having trouble trusting in God, maybe go to Mary and let her show you the way.