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Fr. Brian Walker, OP

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  • Pentecost Sunday

    Fr. Brian Walker, OP recalls the great events of Pentecost, when the Spirit united believers from different lands and of different languages so that they could come together and understand each other. Yet in the church today, we see many divisions, Catholics against Protestants against Orthodox, liberals against conservatives. We need to reopen our hearts to the Spirit that can unite.
  • A Word of Hope for May 16, 2023

    Fr. Brian Walker, OP reminds us that as we look around and see emptiness, no signs of what we pray for and hope for, in reality, we need to remember the empty tomb of Jesus, which was a sign that he is risen and is already gone ahead of us and is everywhere.
  • Palm Sunday

    Fr. Brian Walker, OP unpacks the celebration of Palm Sunday, pointing out that we need a whole week, Holy Week, to unpack the meanings contained in the Lord's death, and his welcoming us into his salvific work even now.