Province of St. Albert the Great, USA

Gifts of Stock (Securities)

Giving securities may, under certain defined circumstances, allow  you to avoid capital gains tax. To make a stock gift, simply follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Bridget Merck or Mr. Bob Dixon at +1 (312) 243-0011.

You can also designate your gift to a particular ministry of the Central Province. For instance, if you are interested in supporting the formation of tomorrow's preachers, please give to the Society for Vocational Support. If interested in supporting other Central Province priorities, please give to Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great. If interested in supporting our aged and infirm friars, please give to Retirement Trust of the Dominicans.

Steps to Give Stock

  1. Contact your broker and request they transfer a specific number of shares from a specific company to one of the entities below, depending on where you want the proceeds to land. Your broker may request a letter from you to authorize the transfer.
    Give your broker the following transfer information:
    • Deliver to DTC Clearing: 8862
    • Merrill Lynch
    • For benefit of client (pick one of the following):
      • Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great, Account 5p9-04031
      • Society for Vocational Support, Account 5p9-04008
      • Retirement Trust of the Dominicans, Account 5p9-10027
    • Reference: [Donor’s Name Here]
  2. Send notice of your transfer by letter or email to Ms. Bridget Merck to ensure transfers are correctly identified and directed to where you indicate. You can reach her at or at the address and telephone number at the bottom of the page. Please tell her the company and the number of shares you plan to transfer, and where you’d like to direct your gift.
  3. You will be notified when the gift has been received by our office.

If you are transferring stock from a joint account, both account owners may need to authorize the transfer. You can contribute stock from several companies held within the same account. Keep in mind, transfers of securities can sometimes take multiple days. Please check with your broker soon after authorizing the transfer to ensure that the transfer is complete, especially if you initiate this gift shortly before December 31.