Province of St. Albert the Great, USA

November Prayers for the Dead

Dominicans have always been mindful to pray for the dead as a natural part of our mission for the salvation of souls. We invite you to join in our prayers during the month of November for all of our families, benefactors, and friends, and to include your loved ones in our prayers by adding them to the list below. We will pray for these people every day in the month of November, beginning with Mass on All Souls Day. May we all be reunited one day in heaven, where the Peace of the Risen Christ will shine eternally.

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  • Margaret Brett

    1948– 2022
  • nov_rev.-vincent-blake,-o.p..jpg

    Rev. Vincent Blake, O.P.

    1925– 2022
  • nov_rev.-michael-champlin,-o.p..jpg

    Rev. Michael Champlin, O.P.

    1939– 2022
  • nov_richard-woods-op.jpg

    Richard Woods OP

    1941– 2022
  • Cecile, Marcel Garaud

  • Francine, Claude Dalsheimer

  • John, Donald, Edward Greenleaf

  • Carol Ramsey

  • Arlette Garaud

  • Robert E., Anna, Clarence F. Coty Maurice L, Anne F. Hayes

  • Deceased Members of Stoeckl & Wareham Families

  • Elvira (Rushie) & George Stoeckl

  • Mr. & Mrs. Clement W. Perkins & Family

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jack Mills

  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Doughtan

  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ash

  • Ysavel Alt Vidal

  • Jane Nicholson

  • Tiffany Bromack

  • Robert Appleby

  • Margaret M. Kaye

  • John F. Konopki, Sr.

  • Victoria Rivera

  • William E. Roat

  • Clarence Phillips

  • David Lechak

  • Larry Barberio

  • Gerald R. Koraleski

  • David Lutz

  • Mary Ellen Poplaski

  • Brett M. Miller

  • Diane Tresslar

  • Alex Dombroski, Jr.

  • John Dombroski, Jr.

  • Mike Dombroski

  • Alex & Franciee Dombroski

  • Thomas & Nancy Dombroski

  • Frank Dombroski

  • M/M Norman Bordley, Sr.

  • M/M Robert Moran

  • Leonard J. Palencar

  • Joyce Edna Dombroski-Gebhardt, Mark L. Gebhardt

  • Jerry Gertelsen

  • All Departed From the Capone, Sarf & Bonden Families

  • Louis, Gloria, Joe, Rena, Elizabeth, Rachel, Carl, Jeanne, Mary, Tony, Lillian

  • John J., Rosalind, Richard, Joseph, Carmella, Frank Capone

  • M. Karbowski, J. Luczak, M. Dockal, R. Ausfeld, W. Wyco, P. Rupinski

  • Fr. C. Urban, Sr. Bernadette