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Dominican Month for Peace 2021: Venezuela

Many of us remember the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez and now the political and social turmoil between President Maduro and opposition leaders. Our Dominican Family continue to serve in regions of the country in the midst of turmoil.  Each week during Advent I will be providing you with invitations to webinars, videos,  reflection and prayers to highlight the Month for Peace.  Please share our weekly resources widely. All in your ministry sites are welcome to participate as we join with the Dominican Family worldwide to join in this annual tradition. 

As you may remember, The Dominican Month for Peace is an annual event of the Dominican Family initiated by the Master of the Order after the 2016 Jubilee celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Order of Preachers. In the spirit of St. Dominic, it aims to show solidarity with Dominicans promoting peace in a world torn by many forms of violence and war.

In 2017, we showed our solidarity with Dominicans promoting the national peace accord in Colombia.

In 2018, we supported our brothers and sisters struggling for democracy and peace through credible elections in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2019, we focused on India and the plight of indigenous peoples, women’s rights, and enslaved children.

In 2020, we recognized the work of Dominicans in Ukraine as they continue to defend their sovereignty despite Russia’s annexation of Crimea and an ongoing war with the Russian-backed militia (or troops) in the East.

Now we turn to Venezuela.   Join us throughout the month for peace to learn about the ministry of the Dominican Family and the struggles of the Venezuelan people who seek solidarity with us. 

Let us pray for lasting peace in Venezuela!

Below is an excellent PDF (in English and Spanish) summarizing the issues that Venezuelan Dominicans face in trying to bring peace and justice this troubled country.

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