Province of St. Albert the Great, USA

Books Written, Edited, and Translated by Members of the Province

Originally Compiled by Thomas O’Meara, O.P.

Alexander, Jon

  1. American POW Memoirs from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2007)
  2. William Porcher DuBose: Selected Writings (New York: Paulist Press, 1988)
  3. American Personal Religious Accounts 1600-1980: Toward an Inner History of America's Faiths (New York: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1984)
  4. Editor, Religion in Western Civilization since the Reformation: Select Readings (Lanham: University Press of America, 1982)

Ashley, Benedict

  1. Healing for Freedom: A Christian Perspective on Personhood and Psychotherapy (Washington, DC; Catholic University of America Press, 2013)
  2. The Ashley Reader: Redeeming Reason (Naples, FL: Sapientia Press, 2006)
  3. Meditations on the Mysteries of Light in the Rosary (Staten Island, NY: St. Paul’s, 2006)
  4. The Way toward Wisdom: An Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Introduction to Metaphysics (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2006)
  5. Health Care Ethics: A Theological Analysis [5th edition] (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2007) [Italian translation in 1993]
  6. Ethics of Health Care (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2006) [Spanish translation, 2007]
  7. Theologies of the Body: Humanist and Christian (Washington, DC: John Paul II Center, 1985)
  8. Choosing a Worldview and Value System: An Ecumenical Apologetics (Staten Island, NY: Alba House, 2000)
  9. Living the Truth in Love: A Biblical Introduction to Moral Theology (Staten Island, NY: Alba House, 1996)

Aumann, Jordan

  1. Editor, A Bede Jarrett Anthology (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2013)
  2. On the Front Lines. The Lay Person in the Church after Vatican ll (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2000)
  3. Man of the Millennium: John Paul Il (New York: Pauline Books and Media, 2000)
  4. Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1996)
  5. Compendium of Spirituality (Staten Island, NY: Alba House, 1995)
  6. Translator, Luis De Granada. Pathways to Holiness (Staten Island, NY: Alba House, 1994)
  7. Translator, Saints of the Roman Calendar (Staten Island, NY: Alba House, 1992)

Barry, Robert

  1. The Sanctity of Human Life and Its Protection (Lanham, MD: University of America Press, 2002)
  2. Breaking the Thread of Life (New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 1994)
  3. Fundamentals of Ethics for Scientists and Engineers [with Edmund Seebauer] (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000)
  4. Set No Limits [with Gerard Bradley] (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1991)

Butler, Richard

  1. Religious Vocation. An Unnecessary Mystery (Rockford: Tan Books, 2006)

Bouchard, Charles

  1. Editor and Contributing Author, Catholic Health Care and the Church (St. Louis, MO: Catholic Health Association, 2016)
  2. Christian Maturity: A Spirituality for Adult Catholics (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2014)
  3. Editor and Contributing Author, Incarnate Grace. Perspectives on the Ministry of Catholic Health Care (St. Louis, MO: Catholic Health Association of America, 2017)
  4. Sexuality and Morality. Answers for Modern Catholics (Liguori: Liguori Press, 2009)
  5. Whatever Happened to Sin: The Truth about Catholic Morality (Liguori: Liguori Press, 1995)

Cleary, Edward

  1. The Challenge of Priestless Parishes: Learning from Latin America (New York: Paulist Press, 2014)
  2. The Rise of Charismatic Catholicism in Latin America (Gainesville FL: University Press of Florida, 2011)
  3. How Latin America Saved the Soul of the Catholic Church (New York: Paulist Press, 2009)
  4. Conversion of a Continent: Contemporary Religious Change in Latin America [with Tim Steigenga] (New Brunswick; Rutgers University Press, 2007)
  5. Representing God at the Statehouse: Religion and Politics in the American States (New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 2005)
  6. Resurgent Voices in Latin America: Indigenous Peoples, Political Mobilization, and Religious Change (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2004)
  7. The Struggle for Human Rights in Latin America (New York: Praeger Books, 1997)
  8. Co-author, Power, Politics, and Pentecostals in Latin America (Boulder: Westview Press, 1996)

Dahm, Charles

  1. Parish Ministry in a Hispanic Community (Mahwah: Paulist Press, 2004)
  2. Power and Authority in the Catholic Church: Cardinal Cody in Chicago (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1981)

Delich, David

  1. Reflections of God (Franklin: Sheed & Ward, 1999)

Demkovich, Michael

  1. Introducing Meister Eckhart (Ottawa: Novalis, 2005)
  2. Editor, Contemporary Dominican Theology, Listening 38:1 (2003)
  3. Editor, The University's Lost Voice: Religion and the State University, Listening 36:2 (2001)
  4. Editor, Meister Eckhart and His Mysticism, Listening 29:2 (1994)

Gillespie, Joseph

  1. Dynamic Assessment in Couple Therapy (Boston: Lexington, 1994)

Goergen, Donald

  1. St. Dominic. The Story of a Preaching Friar (Mahwah: Paulist Press, 2016)
  2. Fire of Love. Encountering the Holy Spirit (Mahwah: Paulist Press, 2006)
  3. Four Books on Christology: The Mission and Ministry of Jesus; The Death and Resurrection of Jesus; The Jesus of Christian History; Jesus, Son of God, Son of Mary, Immanuel (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2002)
  4. Editor and Contributing Author, The Theology of Priesthood (Collegeville: Liturgical Liturgical Press, 2000)
  5. Letters to My Brothers and Sisters (Dublin: Dominican Publications, 1996)
  6. Editor, Being A Priest Today (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 1993)

Harrington, Jay

  1. Editor and Contributing Author, Christian Faith and the Power of Thinking (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2017)
  2. The Lukan Passion Narrative. The Markan Material in Luke 22,54-23,25. A Historical Survey: 1891-1997 (Leiden: Brill, 2000)
  3. The Gospel of Luke. A Cumulative Bibliography 1973-1988 (Leuven: Peeters, 1989) [With F. Van Segbroeck]

Heille, Gregory,

  1. The Preaching of Pope Francis: Missionary Discipleship and the Ministry of the Word (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2015)
  2. Project Leader and Contributor, Preaching in the Sunday Assembly: A Pastoral Commentary on Fulfilled in Your Hearing (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2010)
  3. Editor, Theology of Preaching: Essays on Vision and Mission in the Pulpit (London: Melisende, 2001)
  4. Editor [with Michelle Rego-Reatini], Common Prayer Book (Grand Rapids: Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters, 1992)

Kenny, Joseph

  1. The Idea of an African University. A Revisit (Washington, DC: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2012)
  2. The Idea of an African University. The Nigerian Experience (Washington, DC: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2007)
  3. Philosophy of the Muslim World, Authors and Principal Themes (Washington, DC.: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2003)
  4. Views on Christian-Muslim Relations (Lagos: Dominican Publications, 1999)
  5. Basic Practices of Religion in Nigeria: Part 1, Islam; Part 2, Christianity (Lagos: Dominican Publications, 1998)
  6. Comparative Concepts in the Bible and the Qur’an (Lagos: Dominican Publications, 1997)
  7. Early Islam (Lagos. Dominican Publications, 1997) [Revision of Muhammad and the Rise of Islam, 1992]
  8. Powerful Titles of Jesus in the Bible (Lagos: Dominican Publications, 1994)
  9. Theological Themes Common to Islam and Christianity, Part I and Part II (Lagos: Dominican Publications, 1994)

McDermott, Thomas

  1. Catherine of Siena: Essays on Her Life and Thought (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2015)
  2. Catherine of Siena -- Doctor of the Church (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2012)
  3. Catherine of Siena: Spiritual Development in Her Life and Teaching (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2008) [Translation into Swedish, 2018]

McGonigle, Thomas

  1. The Dominican Tradition [with Phyllis Zagano] (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2006)
  2. A History of the Christian Tradition: From Its Jewish Origins to the Reformation (Mahwah: Paulist Press, 1988) A History of the Christian Tradition: From the Reformation to the Present (Mahwah: Paulist Press, 1996)

Monshau, Michael

  1. Preaching at the Double Feast: Homiletics for Eucharistic Worship, Editor and Contributing Author (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2006)
  2. The Grace and Task of Preaching, Editor and Contributing Author (Dublin: Dominican Publications, 2006)
  3. Praying with Thomas Aquinas [with Patrick Norris] (Winona: St. Mary's Press, 1997)
  4. Praying with Dominic (Winona: St. Mary's Press, 1995)
  5. Editor, Contemporary Ethical Issues, Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture. 39: 2 (Spring 2004)
  6. Editor, The Recovery of Catholic Preaching, Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture, 38:1 (Winter 2003)

Norris, Patrick

  1. Praying with Thomas Aquinas [with Michael Monschau] (Winona: St. Mary's Press, 1997)

O'Meara, Thomas

  1. Editor and Translator, Exploring Thomas Aquinas. Essays and Sermons (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2017)
  2. A Church with Open Doors. Catholic Ecclesiology for the Third Millenium (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2014) [Complete Bibliography]
  3. Scanning the Sign of the Times: French Dominicans in the Twentieth Century [with Paul Philibert] (Hindmarsh: ATF Publications: 2013; Oakville, CT: Casemate Academic, 2013)
  4. Editor and Translator, Albert the Great. Theologian and Scientist. Bibliographic Resources and Translated Essays (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2013)
  5. Vast Universe. Extraterrestrials and Christian Revelation (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2012)
  6. God in the World. A Guide to Karl Rahner's Theology (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2007)
  7. Thomas Aquinas Theologian (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2002) [Translation into Korean, 2003]
  8. Erich Przywara: His Theology and His World (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2002)
  9. Theology of Ministry (Mahwah: Paulist Press, 1983/1999)
  10. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Notre Dame: A Theological Guide to the Paintings and Windows (Notre Dame: Notre Dame Book Store, 1994)

O'Rourke, Kevin

  1. Health Care Ethics: A Theological Analysis [5th edition] (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2007) [Translation into Italian]
  2. Ethics of Health Care (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2006) [Translation into Spanish]
  3. A Primer for Health Care Ethics (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown Press, D.C; 2000)
  4. Medical Ethics: Sources of Catholic Teaching (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 1999)

Peddicord, Richard

  1. Editor, In Medio Ecclesiae: Essays in Honor of Benedict M. Ashley, O.P. (Bloomington: Authorhouse, 2007)
  2. The Sacred Monster of Thomism: An Introduction to the Life and Legacy of Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. (South Bend: St. Augustine’s Press, 2005)
  3. Gay and Lesbian Rights: A Question: Sexual Ethics or Social Justice? (Kansas City: Sheed & Ward, 1996)

Powell, Ralph

  1. Tractatus de Signis. The Semiotic of John Poinsot (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1985; Edited by John Deely; corrected edition published by (South Bend: St. Augustine Press, 2013)

Reynolds, George

  1. Forth into Light. Poems and Pictures of Faith (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2014)

Steinkerchner, Scott

  1. Beyond Agreement. Interreligious Dialogue amid Persistent Differences (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2011)
  2. [with Peter Hunter], Pictures of the World: Three Views of Life, the Universe, and Everything (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2018)
  3. Watching Clouds. Engaging in Dialogue across Disparate World-Pictures (Saarbrücken: VDM Publishing Group, 2009)

Viviano, Benedict

  1. A Short History of New Testament Studies (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2016)
  2. Catholic Hermeneutics Today: Critical Essays (Eugene OR: Cascade, 2014)
  3. What Are They Saying about Q? (New York: Paulist Press, 2013)
  4. Translator, Bernard Montagnes, The Story of Fr. Marie-Joseph Lagrange, the Founder of Modern Catholic Bible Study (Mahwah: Paulist Press, 2006)
  5. Matthew and His World (Fribourg: Fribourg Academic Press, 2005)
  6. Trinity-Kingdom-Church (Fribourg: Fribourg Academic Press, 2001)
  7. The Kingdom of God in History (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2000) [Translations into French, German, and Czech]
  8. Study as Worship: Aboth and the New Testament (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity 26; Leiden: Brill, 1978)

Wessels, Cletus

  1. Jesus in the New Universe Story (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2003)
  2. The Holy Web: Church in the New Universe Story (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2000)

Wisdom, Andrew - Carl

  1. Tuning into God’s Call [with Christine Kiley] (Liguori, MO.: Liguori Press, 2014)
  2. Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Thomas Aquinas (Liguori, MO: Liguori Press, 2009)
  3. Preaching to a Multi-generational Assembly (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2002)

Woods, Richard

  1. Spirituality of the Celtic Saints (Chicago: New Priory Press, 2013)
  2. Editor, Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality (London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2012)
  3. Meister Eckhart: Master of Mystics (London and New York: Continuum, 2011)
  4. Eckhart’s Way (Dublin: Veritas, 2009)
  5. Wellness: Life, Health and Spirituality (Dublin: Veritas, 2008)
  6. Christian Spirituality: God's Presence through the Ages (New York: Orbis Books, 2006)
  7. Mysticism and Prophecy: The Dominican Tradition (London: Darton, Longman and Todd / New York: Orbis Books, 1998) [Translation into Czech]
  8. Epiphanius Tighe and the Dragon of East South Water Street (New York: Writers Choice Press, 2000)